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Historical of Uniquest mahasarakham university

Established on October 25, 2001 under the name "The uniquest establishment," and formally established on February 3, 2003 under the name. "Uniquest Mahasarakham university" is the first of four office staff members are Prof. Dr. Mark Kraisorn News Analysis Director, uniquest mahasarakham university (25 October 2001 - December 2008) was evolved. Sasi has served as Acting Director, uniquest mahasarakham university (December 2008 - September 2010) and Dr.Yuttapol Thawacharlee served as the Director of uniquest mahasarakham university (1 October 2010 - present) Department has a total staff of 12 are managed by a committee, to oversee the agency's operations. As smoothly and efficiently.

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